Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials

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Working from home isn’t going anywhere—and neither are meetings. There’s always going to be a need for teams to gather in one room. But now that some employees are joining those rooms virtually, it’s time to rethink the status quo. In this course, join Lorraine Lee, a top-rated virtual keynote speaker and the editorial director at Prezi, as she shares strategies for making your virtual and hybrid meetings more engaging, collaborative, and productive.

Topics Covered:

  • When to opt for async vs. live meetings
  • How to plan and prepare for your hybrid meeting
  • How facilitators can encourage participation
  • Turning passive participants into active participants
  • What to do after the meeting
  • And more!

Engage Your Virtual Workforce

A new set of skills is needed to excel in our virtual and hybrid offices. Learn the video, meeting, and LinkedIn skills you need to accelerate your career, build virtual influence, and thrive in 2022 when you join this cohort-based course.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals who are struggling with getting noticed and advancing their careers.
  • Managers who are seeing team morale and engagement decrease (while burnout increases) due to Zoom fatigue.
  • HR leaders charged with creating frameworks and processes for virtual communications — with no idea where to start.