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Featured speaker on WomenTech Network | Blog post | May 2022

Featured in Prezi’s e-book, “Reinventing meetings for hybrid work,” alongside thought leaders at Slack, Zapier, and more. | August 2021

Featured as guest #201: How to stand out on video. Hosted by David Nebinski, a founding coach for learning platform Maven and an inaugural coach in The Podcasting Workshop, a workshop created by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma. | February 2022

Managing Editor published a piece titled, “Why It’s Worth Rethinking Your LinkedIn Strategy.”  The article was written by Mary Ellen Slayter, the CEO of Managing Editor owner Rep Cap, a B2B content marketing agency. 

October 2018

Remote-how’s communication guidebook for remote and hybrid companies | Shared insights on how to create more engaging video meetings in a hybrid world | May 2021

Featured guest on “Inside Scoop,” hosted by fellow LinkedIn Learning Instructor Paula Rizzo | Blog post | April 2022

Featured in Personal Brand Brief newsletter, which has +15,000 subscribers. 

April 2021

Featured in iTech Media’s Work Your Way podcast. Selected as one of the first 10 guests to join. | April 2022

Named a 2020 top virtual speaker in ReadWrite alongside speakers including WSJ best-selling author Nir Eyal, Calendar co-founder John Hall, and Salesforce Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova. | May 2021

Featured in article by Content Marketing Institute, “Do LinkedIn Newsletters Actually Get Results for Brands?” | January 2022

Featured in GitLab’s Communication Handbook (Presentations section) | January 2022

Keynote session featured in Managing Editor article, “How to Stand Out on Video and Boost LinkedIn Presence” | January 2021

Quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine: “Welcome to the hybrid work era” | September 2021

Featured speaker in Innovation Women, selected out of 2,000 members. | June 2021

Collaboration with women speaker accelerator Shine Bootcamp: Setting up your presentation space (without any fancy equipment) | June 2021

Keynote session featured in Managing Editor article, “How to Stand Out on Video and Boost LinkedIn Presence” | January 2021

Quoted in article by Remote-how about mistakes remote managers should avoid. July 2020

Featured profile in DailyRemote’s “How I Work Remotely” series. October 2020

The Remote Managers 2020 Report is the first global report focused on the people and managers leading remote change. Prezi joined other remote-focused companies including GitLab Inc., Toptal, and more. Quoted on p. 32 discussing the future of remote work tools. June 2020