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Named a top virtual speaker in ReadWrite alongside speakers including WSJ best-selling author Nir Eyal, Calendar co-founder John Hall, and Salesforce Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova. | May 2021

Quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine: “Welcome to the hybrid work era” | September 2021

Collaboration with women speaker accelerator Shine Bootcamp: Setting up your presentation space (without any fancy equipment) | June 2021

Featured speaker in Innovation Women, selected out of 2,000 members. | June 2021

Remote-how’s communication guidebook for remote and hybrid companies | Shared insights on how to create more engaging video meetings in a hybrid world | May 2021



Featured in Personal Brand Brief newsletter, which has +15,000 subscribers. 

April 2021



Featured profile in DailyRemote’s “How I Work Remotely” series. 

October 2020



Quoted in article by Remote-how about mistakes remote managers should avoid. 

July 2020

The Remote Managers 2020 Report is the first global report focused on the people and managers leading remote change. Prezi joined other remote-focused companies including GitLab Inc.Toptal, and more. Quoted on p. 32 discussing the future of remote work tools. 

June 2020

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Inc. published a piece on LinkedIn Newsletter, a product for which I was the editorial lead. The article includes a mention of my series as “the most obvious place” to start diving into all the great content being produced through our series pilot. 

October 2018