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Lorraine received a speaker rating of 4.92/5 and 100% said they learned something new (2022)

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9 Essential tips for more effective hybrid and virtual meetings

Lorraine is a LinkedIn Learning Instructor for 2 popular meeting courses (30,000+ learners!)

Meetings are a multi-billion dollar problem. And they’re not going anywhere.


We have 250% more meetings every day than we did before the pandemic. We’re also spending more than half of our standard workweek in meetings, for a whopping total of 21.5 hours. It’s costing companies billions and leading to unhappy employees, burnout, and Zoom fatigue — a recipe for disaster.


Join Lorraine as she shares strategies for making your virtual and hybrid meetings more engaging, collaborative, and productive.

In this virtual session you’ll learn:

How to build Your Presence On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than a job search site. But with more than 875 million members and a growing pool of new features, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out. These days, your online brand and presence are just as important — if not more so — to help others know who you are.


If you want to build your brand, attract recruiters, grow your career, and find opportunities you never expected, it’s time to learn how to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer.

In this virtual session you'll learn:


Make a memorable first impression on video: THE TEA METHOD

When getting on a video call with partners, teammates, or clients, first impressions matter. But with less physical space to make an impression and more factors to consider, like tech malfunctions and Zoom fatigue, standing out online can feel more difficult and overwhelming than it does in person.

In this virtual session you'll learn:

BONUS: Follow along with your TEA Method checklist to make sure you’re set up for success

How to beat zoom fatigue and stand out on video

In this virtual session you’ll learn:

Video calls have become the norm, and so has the feeling of “Zoom fatigue” for so many.


And yet… video is going to be the main way to communicate and collaborate for many professionals as companies continue to opt into remote and hybrid models. 


The exciting part? Video will be one of the biggest opportunities for you to stand out and get your ideas heard.


But presenting on video can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and nerve-wracking. And many workers are still trying to mimic their in-person video experience with a virtual one when it’s not an apples-to-apples switch.


The good news? With a few simple tips, you can ensure that you stand out among the sea of video calls, whether you’re leading a team meeting, hosting a webinar, or pitching to clients.

How Sellers Can Stand Out In a Virtual World

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition won’t be based on your price or product. It’ll be the first impression you make with your presence — i.e. both how you show up and where you’re seen. 

And these days, that’s often going to be in a virtual setting. Selling virtually now means you have to be more intentional, thoughtful, and engaging wherever your prospects are.

Learn the tactical frameworks and tips from Lorraine Lee, a top-rated virtual speaker, former LinkedIn Editor, and 5x-LinkedIn Learning Instructor, for how you can make a lasting positive impression when selling virtually, whether you’re on video calls or on platforms like LinkedIn, where 82% of buyers look before replying to prospecting efforts.

It’s time to turn virtual into your competitive advantage.

In this virtual session you'll learn: