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What Clients Are Saying

"Lorraine was just amazing! Really professional and easy to work with! She hosted a Chat & Learn at PowerToFly and it was incredible! The audience really engaged with it as her content was dynamic but yet detailed! She also shared super helpful resources with our community. Hope we can have her back in the near future!"

Paloma Bianchetti

"Lorraine Lee is a phenomenal speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her on the PowerToFly Chat & Learn program where she demonstrated her expertise in video production and video presentation. Lorraine blends professionalism with authentic storytelling, encouraging her audience to be comfortable and confident in the virtual space. She has always been so willing to collaborate and connect. I enjoy working with Lorraine and look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship".

Maryella Marie

"I first met Lorraine back in 2013, just a year after she graduated from the prestigious journalism program at Northwestern University. I've been fortunate to meet a lot of people through my professional and philanthropic work, but Lorraine stood out to me due to her maturity and dedication to honing her craft as an Editor. I've always enjoyed watching her videos on my LinkedIn feed and I could see that she was going to do many great things in her career. When I was asked by KPSF to help find a new talent to be our on court presenter, I immediately thought of Lorraine. I knew she mostly likely did not know much about tennis, but knowing Lorraine, I knew she would take it on as a challenge and would do a fantastic job for us. She's a gifted speaker and did a great job during the tournament. I look forward to working with her again".

Anil Sippy, organizer @ kpsf

"Lorraine did a tremendous job presenting at TWE's Tech Fair using Prezi. She upskilled the team on how we can overcome "Zoom Fatigue" and build virtual influence to better engage with our stakeholders. Our team members were amazed at the quality of the content. Some stated they could not believe she was presenting live due to how professional she spoke and how interactive the slide contents were. We look forward to our teams taking advantage of great technologies such as Prezi. As demonstrated by Lorraine, it will allow us to build professional production-grade video content, even if we are working from home. Thank you Lorraine!"

Max Bradshaw, treasury wine estates

"I reached out to Lorraine to invite her to one of our events at Airmeet to talk about best practices on how to present yourself and your message over video which has become increasingly important in a virtual environment. To say that she was a hit would be an understatement. Lorraine was so engaging, articulate, and insightful throughout the session. She delivered the information in a way that anyone could understand and implement. The attendees surely got a lot out of the presentation based on the questions they asked and how engaged they were in chat till the end. Even during the planning phase, it was such a treat to work with Lorraine. She was always responsive, enthusiastic, ready to collaborate, and as kind they come. Truly an honor and pleasure to work with her. If you ever have a chance to listen to her, I highly recommend you take that opportunity".

Tanvi Manchanda, Product marketing @ powertofly

What the Attendee's Are Saying

"I watched your interview with Joel, great insights about how to build relationships on LinkedIn".

Tiffany Bova

Hi Lorraine, Your presentation today was one of the most informative and engaging I have experienced for a long time-- so thanks for all of the great tips. I would love to connect.

Brenda Badgero

"Hi Lorraine, Thank you for your amazing presentation today with the BCCDA. It has been one of the best webinars I have been a part of. I learned so many practical tips I can immediately implement during upcoming career development presentations. Just being conscious of distance from the computer screen, hand gestures and wow, what a difference lighting makes!!! Really enjoyed Lorraine's presentation. 15 minutes after her presentation ended, I had a meeting. I started applying her tips right away: made eye contact, stood up to have more energy. Fantastic outcome. I could see the effect of how I showed up to my co-workers instantly. Powerful. Thank you, Lorraine. – Kabuika Kamunga, Mayo Clinic"

Renata Ellis

linkedin learning course TestimonialS

What Students Are Saying

I’ve always admired her work during her time at LinkedIn and this course is just as good. It includes tips for making sure introverts are heard or have ways to give feedback, keeping remote employees engaged during hybrid meetings and an amazing idea for those meetings that don’t require team input - Asynchronous videos. Great ideas in a short time. Check it out!

Nicole Howard

This is a very clear presentation and a reminder of why it is so important to get virtual or hybrid meetings/content communications right. To be fully inclusive, it is critical to understand the dynamics of how teams are affected, are recognized or can contribute to team goals. Having the best meeting preparation on virtual platforms is more important than we realize.

Elisa Charters

So many teams have simply transitioned their in-person meetings to virtual ones, but this course offers ways to alleviate meeting boredom and better use the tools on hand to truly engage each other in a virtual setting. More people should consider asynchronous meetings as well (more relatable than an email, but less time consuming than a meeting).

Jennifer christian